I will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The Lord your God will bless you in the land.
Deuteronomy 28:8

About Wildwood Glen

This rural country property is rich with history and beaming with potential! Situated on nearly 12 acres in Alpine's scenic hills. A gently meandering driveway invites you to come and explore all that this place has to offer, which includes two homes, a detached garage, a horse barn, a hay barn, a large aviary, lush pasture, orchard, and so much more! Three seasonal creeks and a seasonal pond - soon to be year-round with a little help – all converge into the Sweetwater River providing natural beauty and tranquility throughout the property. Once home to a popular mountain resort, the ranch still boasts footprints from that treasured past when San Diegans and WWW I veterans escaped to the mountains for the fresh air and solitude.

Better Than Televison

Frequent Visitors

Wildlife is part of the little one's daily life. They see squirrels, rabbits, fox, coyote, and of course deer.

Old Glory

We Fly The Flag Daily

There is lots of controversy these days concerning this old flag. I served - we fly it every day and ask God to bless The United States of America.


Day's End

Sometimes all the labor is rewarded with a view that can only happen here.

Hummingbird Rescue

A Natural Naturalist

Our grandson found an injured hummingbird to be saved

Watch It Grow

We Are Tracking The Progress

This little tree was much smaller when we acquired the ranch, now we are waching it grow. This image was actually taken back in January 2022. Stay tuned for progress.


Dozens of These Little Guys

The feeder isn't really necessary. Everywhere you look, you will see hummingbirds.

It Snows Here

In California

At 3500 feet above sea level, in the moutains east of downtown San Diego it really does snow - every winter so far.

Splashes of Color

Yellow Daffodils

All year, all over we are treated to splases of color and various plant life. Apparently previous residents planted in a pattern known only to them. Awesome.

Heavenly Gift


A long but meaningful story accompanies this rooster. It is all about a little girls and her PaPa who passed almost a year ago. Add her prayer for a chicken and her faith that her Papa is in Heaven and listening - she asked hm to send her a pet chicken for her birthday Suddenly, seriously, SUDDENLY a lost roster found his way to Wildwood Glen and on the day of her birthday.

Cat Rescue


Mushu is a big cat we adopted through Friend of Cats- a worthwhile organization. We selected Mushu during a visit - more accurately, he selected us - and he has been a blessing ever since.

New Herd

Meet The Girls

Elsewhere on the site we introduced to Willie and Nelson. Unfortunately, we lost Willie just before the 2020 holidays and Nelson was a herd of one - not good for a goat. Happily we found Rosa Bell and Moonshine - two female Nubian Dwarfs to keep him company. We also discovered Nelson is actially the same breed - bonus!


Heckle & Jeckle

There are two crows - or ravens - that call the property home. Fearless and fast flying - they seem to prosper without causing too much trouble.

Lost & Found


This young lady roams the ranch freely these days after being found tiny, cold and wet by a granddaughter. She was immediately dubbed "Lucky" and on this day she showed up at my door.

I'm a Lucky Draw


Reno was another re-homing of an animal looking for a permanent place to live. He is a n APHA registers paint with a frisky, but gentle attitude. We are currently searching for a pasture mate to keep this gelding company - for now he hovers within eyesight to the goats for compny

A Gift


At first sight, for a minute, we didn't connect. Since then this dog has joined the family and is my personal shadow. Lobo is a pure bred Czechoslovakian German Shepherd with the personality of a more gentle breed - until someone gets too close to someone in the family or our property. At that point one quickly understands the reputation of the breed to protect and serve.

Small Herd

Willie & Nelson

These guys needed a home and we had an empty goat pen. That is really the entire story. Never dreamed of having goats, really never wanted goats, but here they are. Wille is the white goat and Nelson the other. They are life long friends and herd mates.

Bought The Ranch!

Since 1890

Anytime a realtor leads with (and continues to emphasize) a property's potential, one should assume the condition under the covers is less than optimal. Wildwood Glen is not an exception , but the potential is equally assured.
We know God is here!

Meandering Drive


The driveway meanders through the property and is obviously in need of significant repair along the edges. Years of water, weather and traffic have taken a toll on the asphalt base. We would like to completely overhaul this focus point of the ranch.

Original Homestead

Part of History

The footprint, foundation and chimney of the original homestead built in 1895 is still here and visible. Apparently this structure was still standing tall until it was destroyed in 2003 by the Cedar fire. The fire also destroyed all of the several original cabins used by San Diegans looking for a quick mountain getaway in the 20's. As a curious aside, the property was considered as a potential Disneyland site before Walt decided on Anaheim - 80+ miles North of Wildwood Glen.

Hay Barn

Original Wildwood

This tiny barn and hay loft is slated for some big changes as it morphs into an expanded family gathering place with a huge fireplace; an open floor area for dancing and activities and facilities to support a large family party. For now, it remains vacant and in disrepair.

Whacking The Pasture

Work Never Ends

Lots of land means tons of grass and weeds that all need mowing, whacking, watering and care. While we have light until late afternoon we can get this all done in normal course; but when the clock turns back next week we will need to cram all of this in on weekends. No worries, just keep plugging away and eventually it will be time to go back to the beginning to so it all over again.

Delayed By High Winds & Fire

Weather Can Be Challenging

Santa Ana winds and dry conditions bring fire danger and power outages that have delayed progress for a few days at least. Today we managed to chase down two generators (about 12,000 Watts) just before a significant percentage of the 11,000 other homeowners affected by a power shutdown, were out there looking for the same. Mid-night fuel checks and a generator roar all day and night seem to be our future - for a short while anyway.

Frequent Visitor


This little guy stops by every-so-often to peck around windows as he attempts to plant acorns. Feel sorry for the little thing if he thinks this is a winter food supply. While repairing the window frames, we discovered hundreds of his little packages deeply implanted.


Google Map View

Layout of the primary ranch property labeled for clarity. We are working to move some of the boundary lines to the West as we expand our footprint and grow the ranch.

Weekend Work Party

Family & Friends

Filled with gratitude for all the time an effort donated by friends and family last weekend as we tackled significant repairs following a wicked winter. Loads of progress, great food (thanks Artie) and fun. Kiddos were well entertained as family and friends got it done!